Monday, March 18, 2013

GoGrid – Dynamic Load Balancer Issue – 2013-03-18 - Resolved

Some customers have reported problems with their Dynamic Load Balancer (DLB) passing traffic in the US-WEST1 data center. Our Software Team is currently investigating the issue. We will update this posting as more information becomes available.

Data Center:

Update1: @13:50 PDT – The GoGrid Software Team is still working on resolving the issue. Currently there is no ETA. We will update the blog as more information is available.

Update2: @14:50 PDT – The problem with DLB service is still pending resolution. No ETA is available at this time. We understand the impact of this service outage and want to ensure to our customers using DLB service that we are treating it with our highest priory.

Resolved: @15:50 PDT – The problem with the DLB service has been confirmed as resolved. Please contact the GoGrid Support Team if you experience any other issues with DLB service.